Sunday, December 23, 2007

xkcd and Neil Gaiman

I saw Randall Munroe talk at authors@google. OMG! He looks sooooooooo cute . Although I felt that he is way more witty on his xkcd cartoons than in real life. But he sure is very very famous, since Guido van Rossum and Donald Knuth were also present there and asked questions in Q&A session. Woot! it was great to see all these guys.

It got me more interested in authors@google series and I searched through whole stack of videos on YouTube. There are lot of videos posted by AtGoogleTalks. Well, apparently I don't know most of the authors, who have been there (looks like Aaditya is not buying enough "famous" books).... until I found Neil Gaiman. And I am so happy that I found him there. He is just amazing. He read his poems from his book "Fragile things" and talked about his writing and movies scripting and a lot of other stuff. I just adore him, he is too cool. It makes me wonder if they could invite Terry Pratchett sometime.

It's awesome to be able to see and hear these people speak. I wish Cisco could have such events too.


Noufal said...

This was sweet. The only one I saw from the Authors at Google series was Christopher Hitchens. I pretty much stopped after that.

Anonymous said...

Sweet. Thanks for posting!