Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dylan Moran and Eddie Izzard

I love Black Books. Dylan Moran is brilliant in it. Aaditya got a dump of two three seasons from somebody and we were sort of addicted to it. I like the way Dylan has portrayed drunken, unsociable, eccentric Book shop owner. He is a good actor. Alright, he looks cute and that's why I like him.


Yesterday, I happened to watch couple of Black Books episodes and I was surprised to notice that Dylan has co-written the thing. Wikipedia showed that he is a stand-up comedian, so I searched on youtube and voila! I got clips of some of his tours..... Monster and Like, Totally. They are hilarious. I liked his style of shows... he drinks wine and smokes on stage (sometimes snacks as well). And I think the character of Book shop owner is what he is in his real life. I mean, except the shop owner bit, he is all the other things - drunken, unsociable and eccentric! LOL.

One of the comments on Dylan's episodes mentioned about Eddie Izzard. So the next thing I had to do is to see Eddie's performances. Thanks for youtube, nowadays watching videos is so easy. Ummm, Eddie has his own style (which is similar to that of Dylan's style in a weird way..... Ok, I think it should be other way round, since Eddie is about 9 years older than Dylan). Once you get used to it, you kind of start liking his clothes, his makeup and his shoes (oh, yeah!). And then there is no getting over it. I saw some of his episodes with drag and then there was this interview in which he was normal (I mean not cross dressed)... and I thought - Ummm, he looks more "interesting" when he is all made up.

LOL. May be, that's just me... you can checkout yourself and let me know.


Anonymous said...

This may end up being your post in reverse. I found your blog entry from a google alert for Eddie Izzard.

Now I'm gonna have to check out Dylan Moran, and Black Books. I love good comedy, and am a bibliophile who haunts used book stores whenever possible. Seems like a fun combination!


V said...

hi Cassie,
Let me know if you like Dylan.

MUJEEBpatla said...


V said...

Yeah, it's been a while!

Mridul said...

why oh why did you post this ?
now i am sitting and watching it :-(

thx for the suggestion !

General Viagra said...

I haven't watched Black book but if you really into it. Maybe a will give a try. because It sounds very interesting.