Sunday, November 23, 2008

In search of...

I noticed that it's been a while since this place was updated the last time. With Pari around, getting (any) things done is becoming increasingly difficult. I barely manage to post few things in the other blog, so this blog is being neglected for the time being.

Ok, this post is also related to her in a way, but I think it's not just about her. So decided to post it here.

It all started few months back when I stumbled upon this petti-skirts picture in flickr.

I was totally fascinated by these skirts, so decided to get one for Pari. But I could not find any shop which was making them in India (and these skirts are insanely expensive to order from US), so I decided to stitch one myself. I found some videos explaining the process in youtube. It all looked pretty manageable. Thus my hunt for Nylon chiffon started.

I checked couple of places nearby but getting right fabric was not easy (especially when you are staying on Outer ring road). May be I need to hunt in the central Bangalore area, for which I hardly have time. So I decided to check online, if I can find some place which sells the fabric online.

Well, all I got was some links pointing to exporters in India.


I sent a query to one of the exporter in Bangalore to check if at all he has the required fabric (so that I can may be go to his shop and buy it). But I think this site doesn't work the way I thought it would.

I am getting mails from exporter from all over Asia now. A typical mail reads like this,

Thanks for your inquiry. We mainly do Fabrics from T200-T1600,. width 63"-130" Bamboo, Tencel,modal, Organic cotton, Supima cotton, Egyptian cotton, pima cotton etc. If you need this, please contact us.

They would be so disappointed to know that all I need is about five yards of Nylon chiffon.

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Fathima said...

hi vaishalee,
you can find good fabrics at commercial street. especially at lal's saree palace.

let me know if you need help finding it.

after i read your post,even i feel like stitching one for nusaiba.